...and Enjoy a Pleasant Evening With Two Locals!

Are you going to St Petersburg? If so lets meet each other with smile. Read on...

So, all your stuff is packed, your must-see list is done, your flight tickets and hotel have been booked, and you're about to come to St Petersburg. Wow... that's great! I can feel your excitement from over here.

Meet with us when you will be traveling in St Petersburg, Russia.

Soon you're going to land in the most beautiful city of Russia, a city with 300 years of interesting and soaring history, amazing architecture, graceful rivers and canals and a rich culture.

But, what about meeting with some locals? And what if these locals could be the founders of St Petersburg Essential Guide? Yes! The minds behind this website you are visiting right now. 

We can hear you in the background saying what the hell are you talking about!

Well, what we're trying to say is simply that as you are coming to visit St Petersburg and in somehow you've found this website, so you're reading the content and taking advantage of the information and/or services we put at your disposal, perhaps you might like the idea of meeting with me (Davide) and Anastasia.

This is not the first time we met our visitors!

Last year we had the pleasure to meet with Prof. Claude and his wife Monique from Canada, Alvin and his family from Hong Kong; Warwick and his mother from Australia; Robyn and Roy from New Zealand; Takashi from Japan; and Thomas and Elke from Switzerland, plus many more. The list will grow up year after year!☺ 

What we did?

Nothing special! We just hung out for dinner in one of our favorite St Petersburg restaurants or cafeterias in the city center and spent a few hours chatting about Russia, life, our website and other stuff like you would do if you were with your friends. 

Overall, it was a really nice experience. So we don't mind doing it again!

Of course we won't be able to meet with everyone, but if your travel dates fit our agenda, and we are not away, then we'll be more than happy to catch up with you. After all, meeting with travelers from different parts of the world is fun and fascinating, at least for us.

So are you up for it?

If you are up to it, before traveling to St Petersburg send us an invitation using the form below. After receiving your request we'll check our availability and reply to you to let you know if we can make it.


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Below you can find a Photo Gallery with all the people (visitors to our website) we met from 2014 up to now.

Our first photo taken with visitors who have arranged their trip to St Petersburg with us. Here, we were at the Russian Vodka Room restaurant with Prof. Claude B. and his wife Monique from Canada

Anastasia and I (Davide) taking a photo with Alvin and his nice family from China at a local restaurant in the heart of the city of St. Petersburg.

Anastasia and I (Davide) posing for a picture with Warwick and his mother from Australia at a Russian cafeteria in St Petersburg, Russia.

 Anastasia and I (Davide) taking a photo with Robyn and Roy from New Zealand at the Artist's Attic Restaurant Fondue Bar in St Petersburg, Russia.

Anastasia and I (Davide) on the left, taking a photo with Thomas and his wife Elke from Switzerland at the Masha and Bear restaurant in St Petersburg, Russia.

Anastasia and I (Davide) posing for a photo together with Ali, his wife Hilary, and his son Safi from USA at the Artist's Attic & Fondue Bar in St Petersburg, Russia.

Anastasia and I (Davide) posing for a photo with Paul and Erika, a married couple from Liechtenstein, after had a dinner together at Trattoria Limoncello, an Italian restaurant.

Anastasia and I (Davide) posing for a photo with Joseph and his lovely family from Singapore, at the Kat restaurant in the city center, a great Caucasian restaurant.

Anastasia and I (Davide) posing for a photo with Lawence and Cinnie, a nice couple from Hong Kong, at the Stroganoff Steak House Restaurant.

We, (Davide and Anastasia) posing for a photo at the Adzhabsandal Restaurant with Ali and with his lovely and big family during his second visit to the city.

Hopefully more photos to come soon! Maybe you will be the next one.


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