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Enjoy Oriental Food in Russia

Looking for Asian or Indian Restaurants? Tired of Russian food? If so take a look at our picking list of best Asian and Indian restaurants below.

The diverse, yet intermingled cuisines of Southeast Asia and the Far East are uniquely prevalent in the Imperial city.

The ancient, sweet and salty spirit of Chinese food, the distinctly piquant flavors of Korean fare, the spicy meats and delicious flat breads of Turkey, the perfectly balanced measure of  sweet and sour seasonings that is Thai cooking and the curry-spiced, tangy taste of India's artful dishes. And we haven't covered them all! But this should give you a fairly good idea of the myriad of exciting pan-Asian cuisines that await you here in the beautiful, culturally-diverse city of St. Petersburg! 

Here below you will find a list of our favorite Asian and Indian restaurants in St Peterburg, Russia.


Hungry? If so, choose a restaurant from the list below. Just click on the links or scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Address: Nevsky Prospect, 150 | St Petersburg, RU | Phone: +7 (812) 312-6689

Authentic Chinese, Polite Service, Excellent Food!

There are three Nihal (also spelled NiHao) Chinese restaurants in St. Petersburg, with the newest located on Nevsky Avenue. Gao Chaoyan, the chain's chef, comes from an impressive career in Beijing's 5-star hotels, so the food is comparable to cuisine from the Far East. Oriental décor in warm colors with comfortable arm chairs and sofas create a pleasant and soulful interior. If you're in the mood for excellent Asian cuisine served in large portions at reasonable prices, Nihal is sure to please.

Traditional Qingdao beer, pig ears, meat rope and Boazi are highly recommended. 

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Address: Bolshaya Morskaya Street, 16 | St Petersburg, RU | Phone: +7 (812) 315-8256

Extensive Menu, Delicious Cuisine, Free Wifi!

King Pong Asian restaurant in St. Petersburg represents dishes with true flavors from all over Southeast Asia: China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and Singapore. The menu is vast with exotic selections, so we'd be happy to help by giving you a recommendation. Everything is flavorful and portions are generous! The Dim Sum, spring rolls, fried rice and dumplings are yummy and the broth noodle soups are hearty comfort food.

The large, spacious room makes it easy to get a seat and the colorful, hip, welcoming atmosphere makes it easy to relax. Great house wine too!

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Address: Admiralteiskiy Prospect, 10 | St Petersburg, RU | Phone: +7 (812) 312-5310

Indian Cuisine, Beautiful Interior, Genuine Hospitality!

Planning to be in the heart of St. Petersburg by St. Issac's Square looking for authentic Indian fare? Then this is where we recommend you go! Winner of numerous culinary and “Best Restaurant” awards, the chefs at Tandoor Indian restaurant have been serving sensational meals for many years that patrons return for again and again. Fragrant scents of spices and an elegant décor create an inviting atmosphere for couples, family, friends, business and even alone.

The food is fresh and hot and served with authentic hospitality. Wonderful curries, tandoori dishes and of course, naan bread.

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Address: Nevsky Prospect, 124 | St Petersburg, RU | Phone: +7 (812) 271-4492

World Famous, Turkish Food, Incredible Prices!

Cafe Mado's light and airy interior invites you into a lovely Indian restaurant that looks to be one part pasty shop, one part ice cream parlor and one part restaurant. Cafe Mado in St. Petersburg, offers more than 20 flavors of ice cream and a large selection of baklava and puddings. The food is beautifully prepared in elegant presentation, so join us for tasty salmon soup with cream, lentil soup,  kyufta in sweet and sour sauce, chicken kabobs and buyrek cheese - all scrumptious. A favorite of locals for its perfect qualities and incredible prices.

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Address: Nevsky Prospect, 92 | St Petersburg, RU | Phone: +7 (812) 244-2356

Asian Fusion, Attractive Decor, Competitive Prices!

One of St. Petersburg's most distinctive Asian restaurants, Dlinniy Hvost creates quite a buzz about town for it's pan-Asian cuisine, bright and interesting interior, hookah pipes, live DJ in the evening and a large figure of a rabbit at the center of the room! We're not sure what that's all about, but we know people love it, along with the grilled salmon, warm salad with salmon and mango mousse, and coconut soup.

If you're on your way to the Metro station, stop in for some tasty food, good tea, great cocktails and friendly service.  

The restaurant is closed

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Address: Moyka River Embankment, 64 | St Petersburg, RU | Phone: +7 (812) 914-4343

Very Modern, Healthy Food, Excellent Wine!

A synthesis of Asian-European tradition based on the principles of healthy food, Shatush means top notch! The stylish interior, with subdued lights and red and black decor, is reminiscent of the relaxing colors of the Orient. Order a delicious bread basket, sashimi and sushi made from fresh catch, a  glass of wine, a taste of the hookah and the hours will melt away. This is a great Asian restaurant for night owls who enjoy chatting with friends or that special someone until the sun comes up.

If that's you, then we'll see you at Shatush! 

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Address: Rubinshteina Street, 12 | St Petersburg, RU | Phone: +7 (812) 961-9221

Chic Establishment, Live Music, Thai Fusion!

Located in the city center, a mecca for exotic dining in St. Petersburg, Mops Thai Asian restaurant is known for its elegant ambiance and sophisticated menu. With emphasis on high quality food and service, you will experience small, but flavorful portions of dumplings, salads, spring rolls, soups, wok and curry. Set near many large hotels and a perfect setting for a romantic evening, Mops offers live music, hookah, massages in the nearby courtyard and pleasant outdoor seating in the summer.

If you enjoy seafood, we highly recommend the crab salad with cantaloupe and Japanese mayo!

The restaurant is closed

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Address: Gorokhovaya Street, 17 | St Petersburg, RU | Phone: +7 (812) 312-2760

Traditional Korean, Fantastic Value, Parking Available!  

Korean restaurants are rare in Russia, so Grand Cafe Koreana is a hidden gem here in St. Petersburg. If you're searching for an outstanding Asian restaurant offering authentic Korean fare, we're certain the Grand Cafe Koreana will provide you an excellent experience. In a simple presentation, wonderful sensations of Korean flavors will arrive promptly banchan (selections of tidbits) in large portions.

The  menu offers traditional kimchi (picked, spicy red cabbage), bulgogi (thinly sliced or shredded beef, marinated in sauce and grilled) and samgyeopsal (trademark Korean barbeque pork cuts), and all at incredibly low prices.

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Written by Davide C.


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