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Artist's Attic Fondue Bar
A Place For Love, Food, Art and Ambiance!

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The stylish Artist's Attic Fondue Bar is a St Petersburg dining experience not to be missed if you're a lover of original paintings, graphic arts and glass masterpieces created by highly-talented local artisans.

Located on the fourth floor rooftop terrace of the RosvuzDesign Glass Gallery, the journey up the stairs to this distinct Russian restaurant is a delightful art gallery tour in the metropolitan ambiance of brick walls and modern décor.

Dining is offered in two exhibition rooms and the terrace. The first is a refined room where guests can share discussion and appreciation for the surrounding art. The second is a contemporary room with napkins and glassware made exclusively for the restaurant. And finally, the lovely terrace.

Encased in glass for warmth during snowy winters and windows that open for warm summers, this cozy, bistro-style setting offers sensational views of city rooftops, the Griboydov Canal, the Financial University and one of the most romantic places in St Petersburg – the Bank Bridge, with its elegant gold-pinioned griffins.   


The dining experience at Artist's Attic Fondue Bar is as lovely as the art and scenic views that make this St Petersburg restaurant unforgettable. Fine European cuisine and melodic Italian music create a truly romantic atmosphere that locals love to return to and visitors love to remember.

Our personal dining experience has been so enjoyable that we have returned to fall in love with the beautiful interior, friendly staff, tasty fondue and fabulous wine over and over again

Although known for its signature dish of cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, and exotic fondue in a boiling oil, the menu at Artist's Attic Fondue Bar also offers freshly-prepared selections of European specialties, pasta dishes, salads, coffee, wine and mouthwatering desserts from the chef. 

Hidden on a side street not far from Nevsky Prospect, just behind Gostiny Dvor, this charming Russian restaurant, receives high reviews for its beautiful culinary presentation, exquisite interior, cozy atmosphere, friendly service and exceptional dining experience.

Open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and late night dining throughout the week, this is a favorite place for locals and visitors who are inspired by the perfect blend of love, food, art and ambiance.

Because of its popularity, we recommend making reservations in advance for dining on the glazed terrace and enjoying the incredible views, especially during the famous White Nights that occur from May to the end of July, here in the grand city of the czars.


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WHERE YOU FIND IT: The restaurant is located on a small street behind Gostiny Dvor in the heart of the city. 

  • Address: Ulitsa Lomonosova, 1/28
  • Metro: Nevsky Prospekt or Gostiny Dvor
  • Location: City center

OPEN FOR: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. 

Lunch offer is from 12 am till 16 pm. For the price of only $10 you will get a soup, a main dish, a salad and a tea/coffee.

WHO'S THERE: Mostly locals, sometimes tourists.

PRICE RANGE: $$$$ - From $35/27€ to $50/38€ per person for a full meal, including one drink.

MENU: English and Russian

KNOWN FAVORITES: All kinds of fondue prepared according to Swiss formula, spicy pumpkin soup with shrimps, duck breast on a pampkin and pear flambee, grilled trout in honey glaze, salad "Corretto", apple Strudel with nuts.

OUR FAVORITE DISH: Spicy pumpkin soup with shrimps and an apple strudel.

OUTSTANDING POINTS: Just a few minutes walk from the famous Nevsky Prospect, Griboyedov Canal, Bank Bridge, Kazan Cathedral, the old department store Gostiny Dvor.

GOOD FOR: Romance, Outdoor seating, Scenic views, Art, Fondue


  • Working Hours: 11:00 to 24:00
  • Telephone: +7(812)315-96-54 or Mobile +7(921)-932-93-38
  • Website: http://www.glassdesign.ru (not working)
  • E-mail: fondu-bar@yandex.ru


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