St. Petersburg: a City for All Seasons!
Learn More about the Weather in St Petersburg Russia.

"There is really no such thing as bad weather in St Petersburg, only different kinds of good weather; Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating". (by John R.)

The weather in St Petersburg Russia is quite variable all year around. But despite that, each Russian season offers something special to do and see for everyone. From its museums and palaces to its stunning parks and gardens, as well as its various celebrations you won't feel bored. Maybe, you might also be thrilled by our fickle weather.

Located on the Baltic Sea, Saint Petersburg has a humid coastal climate. So summers are usually short and moderately warm, winters are long and comparatively mild with recurring fog, while spring and autumn are generally cool, windy and rainy.

The cold winds brought by the proximity to the Gulf of Finland combined with the continental coastal climate can also make the Russian weather feel colder even when the temperature is far above zero. But don't worry - the warmth of the local people will makes up for the temperatures outside.

Compared with other places of similar high latitude, like Alaska, Tchukotka or Greenland, the mitigating warming effect of the Atlantic Ocean cyclones provides the city of St Petersburg with a much milder climate than you might expect for its far northern location.

However, don't let the moody St Petersburg Russia weather put you off! It isn't as cold as many people still think, even if the humidity and rain might be hard to bear sometimes, remember that the city of Peter the Great is bound by diverse seasonal scenarios that make the town unique and charming anytime of the year.

Whether you enjoy the city for its culture, architecture, history or Russian celebrations, you will have a wonderful Russian holiday. From the vibrant colors of Spring, the stunning sunny Summer days and the endless twilights of the famous White Nights, to the brilliant golden sun of Autumn, and the cold and crisp brightness of Winter, this imperial city will cast its own unique spell over you. 

That's why they call it a city for all seasons!


Wondering what will the weather in St Petersburg be like over the year? If so keep reading below.

The first thing most travellers consider when planning a trip somewhere is, of course, the weather. So, in the event your next destination will be the cultural capital of Russia, we thought that knowing what kind of weather you can expect at different times of the year may help you to decide when to come, what to bring and what to do.

Below we have summarized all the information you need about St Petersburg Russia weather and its four uncommon, but distinct, seasons to help you.

Just click below on the season of your choice to learn more.



Spring in Russia doesn't really begin until May, but its spirit is already upon us. Honestly, this is not the best time to visit the imperial city, but if you come, many indoor festivals and celebrations along with its magnificent architecture and cultural life will entertain you. Also, there will be few tourists around, so everything will be easier to access.




Summer is the most active, fun and busiest period of the year, so the best time to come, though the most crowded. After a long winter we can now finally enjoy the famous White Nights and the magical midnight sun. Also, we can attend theatre programs, open-air festivals, go on romantic river cruises, and have a cocktail on the city's best rooftop terraces.




Autumn is the most favorite time of the year for many Russians, including us, because the parks and gardens are at their best when the colorful leaves start to fall, and the cultural life of the city starts. True! It may be cold and rainy, sometimes even snowy, but the imperial city over this time offers a magical scenery that will last forever in your memory.




Winter is the most beautiful time to explore the city if you brave the cold and snow. The city's arts scene is running at full steam and there are plenty of activities to do, especially during the New Year celebrations. True! It is cold and snowy with temperatures moving down to -20C, but this is the price to pay if you want to experience the real Russian winter.


Written by Davide C.


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