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guided walk in Pedrogradskaja

Dear, we are looking for a guide for a walk in Pedrogradskaja on Sunday morning the 27th of August (3 hours). Kind regards, Marnix Puype

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Blank Pages for Visa-Free Option

Hello, I plan to take the ferry from Helsinki to St. Petersburg, to stay for a day or two with the visa-free option. My passport is quite full, and I

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Car Insurance for Travelling to Russia

hi, we are driving a uk car uk license plate across russia and into kazakhstan. we are unable to find out if we can get the car insurance for driving

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St Petersburg Russia Hotels

Going to St Petersburg soon? If so, don't look any further! Here you can find the best St Petersburg Russia Hotels at the best rate. Compare prices, and save by booking online!

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Hotels in Saint Petersburg Russia City Center

Find the best hotels in Saint Petersburg Russia for your visit. Read our recommendations for hotels near key central locations like the Hermitage. See rates and save by booking online.

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