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Regelen van vervoer, kopen tickets, en verzorgen van Visa

Op 22 en 23 juni 2018 zijn wij met de ms.Rotterdam (cruise schip)in St. Petersburg. Wij zijn met 8 personen. Op 22 juni willen wij van 10.00 - 18.00 uur

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Russia with 3 yr old in March 2018

Hi, I wanted to know if Mid-March is a good time to visit St. Petersburg and Moscow with a 3 yr old in terms of weather?

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Cossack Dancing

Would love to watch Cossack dancing when we go to Russia. We will be in St Petersburg and Moscow . So far I have only seen one company that shows this

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Cycling on the highways

Recently saw a video of a cyclist being sideswipped by a large truck. Is it legal to ride on the highways in St.Petersburg? Thanks.

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Visa Requirements for Your Tour

Hello, I am going to be in St. Petersburg for two days in September and did not purchase a visa. I read on savoredjourneys blog that she was able to

Continue reading "Visa Requirements for Your Tour"

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