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Are you planning to visit St Petersburg, Russia anytime soon? Are you seeking useful travel information online? Or, do you just want to learn more about this amazing imperial city to decide if it's worth a visit?

Honestly… whatever your reason, you have not only chosen one of the Best Travel Destinations in Russia, but also one of the top travel destinations in the world.

As locals living in St Petersburg, we (Davide & Anastasia), still feel impressed and amazed by this gigantic treasure house of art, history, elegant palaces, graceful canals and rivers... Everyone who has visited this friendly and modern Russian city has fallen in love with the place at first sight.

If you're planning your first Russian vacation or have been here several times, you'll still find plenty to explore and enjoy. From thousands of local and international restaurants to hundreds of tourist attractions and fascinating historical sites to choose from, you won't have time to get bored!

With so many things to do and see in the city, as well as other information you need to know before and after your arrival, planning your Russian trip won't be easy. Actually, it can seem overwhelming at first.

But don't worry! That's why we have created this website.

Therefore if you think of coming to St. Petersburg please let us help organize your perfect trip to St Petersburg, and recommend you on what to see, do, eat, and much more.

Think of St Petersburg Essential Guide as your own local travel guide and enjoy the city of Peter the Great through our eyes without breaking your budget.

We are here to help you explore the Venice of the North and if you don't know us yet, feel free to learn more about us.

We hope that you too will fall in love with this cultural town of haunting magnificence and its poetic atmosphere.


Everything you need to plan your travel to the Russian cultural capital of St Petersburg and much more!

Not just the need to know facts you may read about in most guide books, but free accurate and pure information about the city, which also includes the good and the bad, written by two real people who live and work here.

So when browsing through the St Petersburg Essential Guide you'll find all the essentials for travel to St Petersburg, insider tips about what to do and see, when to come, what to pack, where to eat or to shop and everything else you need to enjoy your stay to the fullest - without feeling too much like a tourist.

Are you ready to make your trip start at home?

If so, find below a topic of interest and click on the link or feel free to contact us if you have not yet found what you're looking for.


We all know that there are countless websites on the internet with information about travelling to St Petersburg, just as there are for all major travel destinations.

However, usually most of them are commercial or government websites providing only vague information with endless lists of accommodation options but without any first-hand experience or suggestions.

Of course there are also large popular and established travel sites offering travel reviews and opinions from travelers, but are they really reliable?

The problem with most review sites is that they're easy to game. A hotel or restaurant operator can bash rivals under different aliases and praise his own properties.

So the question is wouldn't you rather ask someone local on where the best place to stay or eat in St Petersburg is than through countless reviews by possibly biased strangers?

Trust and Time are precious, so use it wisely!

Unlike other websites, St Petersburg Essential Guide wants to be your all-inclusive insider’s travel guide to the city of Saint Petersburg and its surroundings that provides an in-depth look at Russian culture and personal travel tips.

This independent travel website created by two locals, for travelers contains everything we've discovered and learned over the years. It also contains everything we've read and learnt from friends, and now we are happy to share it with you! 

Therefore, use this free first-hand travel guide as your personal encyclopaedia! And hopefully, have at least a little fun on the way!

One more thing...

Don't race through the pages but take your time. You may just miss something important! Instead, try to read through them at your own pace - and you'll surely come to St Petersburg, Russia prepared!

Thank you very much for visiting our website and welcome to St Petersburg, Russia.

Ждём вас здесь!


Anastasia and Davide, founders of

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to the St Petersburg Essential Guide, a St Petersburg city travel guide created by two locals for travelers.

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