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Wondering how to travel to St Petersburg? Looking for the best way to come?If so, you are in the right place. Travelling to St Petersburg nowadays has never been easier!

A trip to St Petersburg can be a bit challenging and generally expensive, but at the same time can also be one of the most rewarding Russian holiday experiences.

Being one of the top destinations in the world and Russia’s primary tourism destination, Saint Petersburg is the most accessible and open Russian city thanks to its proximity to Europe.That's why it is also called Russia's window to Europe!

Today, there are many ways to reach the city of Peter the Great.

You can travel to St Petersburg by car (slow, uncomfortable and dangerous), by plane (cozy and expensive but fast), by train (convenient but a bit expensive), by bus (cheaper but slow and not as handy as the train) and by ship (expensive, slow and limited, but visa-free and particularly romantic).

The cost of your trip to Russia, may depend on how you get to St Petersburg, your favorite travel style and of course where you come from. Surely, you can always find a way to save some money if you are flexible and plan your Russian travel in advance.

However, before jumping on board your flight, bus or train and book your hotel make sure you have a valid passport, have bought a travel insurance, and have applied for a Russian visa, if you need one of course. Remember, without any of these three things you won't be able to put your feet on Russian soil.


To help you with your trip planning, we have created this page with all the information you need to know to get to Russia's Northern Capital. It is all at your fingertips!

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Flights to St Petersburg are a good starting point for discovering Russia's Historic window on the west and, personally speaking, are the best ways to get here.

We all know that travelling by air is faster, comfortable and expensive, but not always if you start searching a few months before travelling. Doesn't matter where you come from, St Petersburg airport nowadays is well connected with almost all the main airports in the world, so it won't be difficult for you to find an airline company flying there.



If you don't fancy travelling by plane you can always take a train to reach the city of St Petersburg. It won't be as quick as the plane, but surely it will be faster and more convenient than the bus, and only slightly more expensive, depending on where you start your journey of course.

The Russian rail system is one of the largest in the world, and trains are well connected with almost every European Capital.



If trains and airplanes are not your cup of tea or you are just on a tight budget, then taking the bus would be your best option. If you travel to St Petersburg by bus it's cheaper and relatively comfortable, but a bit slower and not very convenient like the train because you will have to get off the bus during passport control.

There are a few good bus companies to choose from. Many of them offer travel routes with departures from all the main European Capitals.



Travelling on a cruise ship is a completely different travel experience than the plane, bus, or train. On board you can sleep, eat, relax and enjoy romantic sea views! But when the time to go offshore will come, and it will, your visiting time on the ground will be short and limited.

Now you can travel to St Peterburg Visa free, true! But, do you know you may have some restrictions?



Honestly speaking, travelling to St Petersburg by car is not really a good idea as this type of trip is long and uncomfortable, sometimes even dangerous. However, despite that some people do it. If you're one of them, I hope you are an adventurous person and you're ready for any inconvenient.

Roads and police in Russia are legendary (for being bad) and this myth is still true up to now!



If you are going to St Petersburg you will need to apply for a Russian visa, it doesn't matter where you come from. Of course there are some exceptions for some countries, but just a few. Here you can find all the information you need to know about Russian visas.


Written by Davide C.


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