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Find out how to travel to St Petersburg Russia by air, rail, bus, and cruise, or ferry with our best recommendations. Save time, money, and have fun!

Saint Petersburg is Russia’s primary tourism destination and one of the top destinations in the world. This is because St. Petersburg is a buzzing city where one can visit world-class museums or party all night long during the famous White Nights festival.

The grand city is well connected with Europe thanks to its proximity and today for most foreign passports is easier to enter the city than before thanks to the introduction of the low-cost electronic visa (e-Visa).

There are several options to reach the cultural capital of Russia, and if you haven't thought yet to come, then you should really think about it. A visit to our beautiful city can be one of the most rewarding travel experiences of your life.

We can't recommend a visit here enough! See why!

That being said, you can travel to St Petersburg by car from Finland, Estonia, and Ukraine (slow and uncomfortable, but adventurous); by plane via the Pulkovo International Airport (fast and comfortable); by train from a variety of regions including Central Europe, Finland, the Urals, Central Asia, Belarussia, Moldavia, Ukraine, and Crimea (convenient and fascinating and fast); by bus from Finland and Estonia (cheaper and fascinating, but slow); and by boat via an international cruise or ferry (visa-free and entertaining, but with some travel limitations).

The cost of your trip to St Petersburg Russia depends on how you decide to get here, the season you choose to come, and of course where you will depart. Surely, you can find a way to save some money if you are flexible and you plan your Russian holiday in advance.

However, before booking any flight, bus, train, or ferry make sure you have a valid passport and travel insurance, including your hotel booking confirmation and your Russian visa if you need one of course.  Remember, without these documents, you won't be able to put your foot in the city of Peter the Great.


To help you with the planning of your trip, we have created this page with all the information you need to know to get to Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is all at your fingertips! To get started, just click on the links below and start reading.


Flights to St. Petersburg are a good starting point for discovering Russia's historic window on Europe. Travelling by air is faster and comfortable, and it can be also not so expensive if you start searching your flight a few months before you go. Doesn't matter where you come from, our city is well connected with almost all the main airports in the world, so it won't be difficult for you to find an airline company flying to the city.

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If you don't fancy travelling by air you can always go by train. It won't be as quick as the plane, but surely it will be fascinating, and definitely more convenient than the bus. The Russian rail system is one of the largest in the world, and Russian trains are safe, efficient, and well connected with almost every European Capital, so it won't be difficult for you to find a train going to St. Petersburg.

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In the event trains and planes are not your cup of tea, or you are on a tight budget, then your best option would be taking the bus. Going to St. Petersburg by bus can be cheaper but slower, and not as comfortable as the train. There are a few good bus companies to choose from. Many of them offer travel routes with departures from all the main European Capitals, and those we are recommending are very good.

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Travelling on a ship cruise is a completely different travel experience than going by air, bus, or train. Onboard you can sleep, eat, relax, and enjoy romantic sea views or have fun, but unfortunately, your visiting time in the city will be short and limited. Since 2012 almost everyone can travel to St Petersburg on a ferry or a cruise ship Visa-Free if you comply with the Russian rules. 

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Travelling to St. Petersburg by car is something we don't recommend often as it is a long and uncomfortable trip, and sometimes it can also be dangerous if you drive at night. However, despite that some people do it and they like it. If you're one of them, you should love adventure and be ready for any inconvenience. Roads and police in Russia are legendary (for being bad) and this myth is still true up to now, although things have changed for better.

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Time ago the majority of foreigners visiting Russia should have held a Russian visa in order to enter the country. Of course, there were some exceptions for a few countries, but just a few. Today many foreigners still need a visa but the application has been simplified and the cost has been reduced. Here we put together all the information you need to know about Russian visas.

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