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Best Russian Country Clubs to Go  
Hello,which country clubs would you recommend I join ?& business clubs , possibly equestrian or hiking clubs too for example. I’m finding it really difficult …

Spa recommendations  
Hello, My wife and I are looking to travel in January 2022. We would love to visit a spa for a few nice treatments (facials, massages, etc). Can any …

Visa requirements for someone who is a British citizen with UK Passport, but lives in France for past 15 years? 
I am a British citizen with UK Passport expires August 2026, but I live permanently in France now since 2006 with a Carte de Sejour. I am not a …

Photography Policy - Gatchina and Oranienbaum 
I will probably be in St. Petersburg in July. I am considering a trip to Gatchina and/or Oranienbaum. I last I heard, photography was not allowed inside …

Marlinsky Theatre 
If visiting in February are you able to leave coats and walking boots at the cloakroom (and change into shoes)

Electronic Visa For St Petersburg Russia 
Hi, I am an Indian passport holder living in Switzerland, which is part of the Schengen zone. Do I need a visa to visit Russia? I expect some Indian …

7 best places to see the Northern Lights in Russia  
I am planning to visit St. Petersburg in later pàrt of October 2019. Is northern lights visible from there? Thanks.

Route to Catherine Palace 
How long is the travelling time for K342 / K545 from Moskovskaya Metro Station to Catherine Palace, stop at the Palace? Do I take a same number to back …

Info Lakhta Center in St Petersburg Russia 
Hello Davide and Anastasia: Is Lakhta Center open to the public? All I could find out is that it was completed in 2018, but there was no information …

Tourist Travel Visa for Cruise Passenger to St. Petersburg Russia! 
My wife & I are arriving in St.Petersburg in early June/19 on an Oceania cruise ship. Russia is the only stop on the cruise which requires a tourist visa. …

What Languages People Speaks in St. Petersburg? 
Can we communicate in English with the people of St. Petersburg Russia ,?what languages are more commonly spoken in public places like shops,shopping maal,drivers? …

Info Tour Package in St Petersburg Russia 
Hi i am a single australian male 60yr old trying to find a group tour i can join for company and keep expenses down. I am coming from turkey and expect …

Leaving St. Petersburg VISA free on St. Peter Line 
I would like to confirm the definition of coming and leaving St. Petersburg on the St. Peter line. If one leaves on a Friday from Helsinki on the Princess …

Visa Free area 
According to the St Peter Line web site they say the following: "Passengers arriving under the VISA FREE regime must stay within the territory defined …

Due to political situation - is it safe ? 
Hi, We are visiting St Petersburg for a concert and general site seeing in April. Being English and at a time of political turmoil !! are we to expect …

Russia with 3 yr old in March 2018 
Hi, I wanted to know if Mid-March is a good time to visit St. Petersburg and Moscow with a 3 yr old in terms of weather?

Regelen van vervoer, kopen tickets, en verzorgen van Visa 
Op 22 en 23 juni 2018 zijn wij met de ms.Rotterdam (cruise schip)in St. Petersburg. Wij zijn met 8 personen. Op 22 juni willen wij van 10.00 - 18.00 uur …

Cossack Dancing 
Would love to watch Cossack dancing when we go to Russia. We will be in St Petersburg and Moscow . So far I have only seen one company that shows this …

Cycling on the highways 
Recently saw a video of a cyclist being sideswipped by a large truck. Is it legal to ride on the highways in St.Petersburg? Thanks.

Visa Requirements for Your Tour 
Hello, I am going to be in St. Petersburg for two days in September and did not purchase a visa. I read on "savoredjourneys" blog that she was able …

guided walk in Pedrogradskaja 
Dear, we are looking for a guide for a walk in Pedrogradskaja on Sunday morning the 27th of August (3 hours). Kind regards, Marnix Puype

Blank Pages for Visa-Free Option 
Hello, I plan to take the ferry from Helsinki to St. Petersburg, to stay for a day or two with the visa-free option. My passport is quite full, and …

St Petesburg Russia with Kids 
Hi, We are travelling moscow and St.Petesburg from 11th May till 20th May. We are interested for seeing a ballet in St.Petesburg. But the price for …

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Language Barrier 
I don't speak Russian. How to have a good visit in 3 days in St Petersburg? What can I do to help myself. I'm coming by 72 hour visa free ferry.

Cycling in St. Petersburg Russia 
Hi, I would like to know if we can rent a bicycle in st. petersburg. if so , can u name few centers u recommend. Are there any hiking places near st.petersburg. …

Russian Currency: The Ruble. 
What currency do you recommend for our visit to St.Petersburg in May 2017. Took Roubles last time but they either wanted euros or dollars for our souvenir …

St Petersburg and Moscow - How Many Days to Stay? 
im flying to moskow and st petersburg 5days and 4 nights haw many day to moskow and petersburg i need and how is the train. Thank you

Ferry Service from Tallinn to St Petersburg | One Way 
Can I take the ferry one-way from St. Petersburg to Tallinn, or Tallinn via Stockholm? I plan to travel by train from Tartu, Estonia to St. Petersburg …

Disabled Access to Winter Palace! 
My husband has Mobilty disability ie he cannot walk very far, therefore is there wheel chair access to the Winter palace? Eg a lift between floors etc. …

Letter of Confirmation From Hotel for Your Russian Stay! 
If we book through as suggested, is this booking confirmation enough for our visa requirement or do we then have to contact the hotel separately …

Start and Ending of the Season for the Students? 
What month/date is the studuents of the goverment university graduating, or more intresting when do they leave St. Petersburg and when do they come back? …

Travel Insurance 
Do you need a valid travel insurance certificate to enter Russia on a 72 hour visa free visit from a ship?

Car Insurance for Travelling to Russia 
hi, we are driving a uk car uk license plate across russia and into kazakhstan. we are unable to find out if we can get the car insurance for …

General headquarters building in St. Petersburg, Russia 
Will be in St. Petersburg in June and would like to tour the impressionsts art which is housed in the general staff (Headquarters) building. Need to know …

Shopping in St Petersburg Russia 
Hi ! I moved to Saint Petersburg not so long ago and miss the small cute shops, were you can always find a great gift ! Especially now around Christmas …

St Petersburg Outdoor Activities in January | Russia 
Hi, i am travelling with my son to St.Petersburg in january, and i like to know where i can find information for outdoor activities such as riding snow …

We will be in St. Petersburg November 29 and would like to go to Hermitage and Pushkin.What is the fee for this 1 day tour? There are 4 of us.

Hi I'm Luke for the UK. I'm planning on visiting St Petersburg in August 2017. I was wondering how much time between getting a visa and your actually …

cruises during winter? 
Looking for short canal/river or any interesting cruises conducting on 28 dec 2015. If any, prices pls. for 2 pax. Thanks

Do you require Russia visa if I travel from Helsinki to St. Petersburg by Train? 
Do you require Russia visa if i travel from Helsinki to st. petersburg by TRAIN?

picking up the allegro train ticket after midnight 
I plane to travel from Helsinki to St Petersburg but my flight will arrive at 01:30 hours and would like to take the 05:30 train in the morning , can I …

Is there any ATMs at the Marine Facade Port? What about the bus? 
Arriving by ferry from Stockholm is there currency facility at the port? The 158 bus from the port to Primorskaya, does this continue to Nevsky Prospekt? …

Ferry travel to and from St. Petersburg 
Where may I find schedules, costs and booking info for return ferry travel from Tallinn to St. Petersburg and back this september? Is there direct overnight …

Entering St petersburg by Ship and Visa Requirements 
We are taking a private tour of the Hermitage by an outside company-not one offered by our cruise line. Do we need a visa to go from the port to the Hermitage …

Cost of One Day Tour! 
Can you please tell me the cost of your one day tour of St Petersburg?

Transit visa in Moscow 
Sorry to ask this question when you are in St. Petersburg but I have a 16 hour layover in Moscow on the first leg of my trip and another 16 hour layover …

4 Nights Baltic Cruise from Saint Petersbeg on Saint Petersline 
Hello We are group of four people planning travelling to Russia Saint Petersburg from Delhi. We are reaching Saint Petersburg on 14th June and returning …

Drinking Water in St Petersburg Russia 
We have been told that it is not safe to drink the water in St. Petersburg. Is this correct?

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How much does a stripper earn on average (weekly or monthly total of salary, tips, and other) in the top StPetersburg clubs? Not rated yet
Hi, Basically a stripper working in the club can make no more than 150/200K Rubles per month. Strippers in Russia are not well paid. Some of the Russian …

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