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HIRE a car with driver &
  TOUR the city in comfort & safety

Our St Petersburg chauffeur-driven car rental  service is your best choice to get anywhere in and out of the city.

You've landed in Saint Petersburg and reached your hotel or apartment, now what? Well, we guess your desire would be exploring our beautiful city in comfort and safety, and most importantly, at your own pace. If so, read on.

There are many ways you can tour the imperial city and its suburbs. It all depends on your budget and travel style. You can be walking and taking the Bus or the Metro (time- consuming and tiring, but the cheapest way); you can rent a car for yourself (adventurous and risky, but doable), or much better, you can be chauffeur driven around (relaxing and hassle-free, definitely the most convenient way).

If you want to explore the city at your own pace, and you don't mind to be a passenger, and like to sit back and enjoy the sights stress-free, then a private transfer is really your best choice, especially if you have a very short time.

With that in mind, if you are looking for renting a car, van, and bus with a driver, or you want a car for yourself, you've come to the right place. Here you can book your St Petersburg car rental, with or without a driver, including touring and transfers with our help.

OUR st petersburg car rental SERVICE

Interested? Find out more about our St Petersburg car rental service below, and make sure you book well in advance.

What we offer

Our St Petersburg car rental service is ideal for those who visit Saint Petersburg for pleasure or business and want to solve their transportation worries. Whatever your travel needs are, when you work with us you can be sure to get the following benefits:

  • A competitive price;
  • No waiting charge.
  • No time or distance limits.
  • Professionalism and reliability;
  • Safety and comfort;
  • A friendly and smiling driver;
  • English back up for the whole time of your trip.
  • Additional services upon request.

We can arrange any type of car, minivan or a bus suitably sized for your group to get you to your destination on time and in comfort, or simply drive you around the city wherever you want, and whenever you need.

You do not have to share the car with other clients. The car and the chauffeur are at your service. And, in addition to that, we can also provide you with a local guide to enhance your sightseeing experience. Just ask!



Below you can find details of our rental options and the cost for each available class of vehicle.


Rental Car (up to 3 people) + Professional Driver

Rental Small Minivan (up to 5 people) + Professional Driver

Rental Large Minivan (up to 7 people) + Professional Driver

Rental Minibus (up to 17 people) + Professional Driver

Rental Large Bus (up to 24 peopl) + Professional Driver

Big Bus Rental (up to 35 and 45 people) + Professional Driver


800 RUB (+ Fuel 800 RUB for the whole rental period)

1000 RUB (+ Fuel 1000 RUB for the whole rental period)

1200 RUB (+ Fuel 1200 RUB for the whole rental period)

1600 RUB (+ Fuel 1600 RUB) for the whole rental period)

1700 RUB (+ Fuel 1700 RUB) for the whole rental period)

2000 RUB (+ Fuel 2000 RUB) for the whole rental period)

For your information we use the following types of vehicles:

  • Personal cars: Volvo, Mercedes S320, Skoda Superb, Citroen Picasso
  • Country sedan cars: Chrysler Voyager
  • Minivans: Mercedes Benz - Vito, Mercedes Benz - Viano, Mercedes Benz V-class
  • Minibusses: Mercedes Sprinter - VIP-class, Ford Tranzit
  • Buses: Mercedes Beulas, Volvo Beulas, Mercedes Benz - Tourismo

Our cars are in good technical condition. All cars have: soft comfortable chairs, with air-conditioning, mini-vans, and buses have a microphone system. Child safety seats are available free of charge (must be reserved ahead!).

Alternatively, if you wish to rent a car just for yourself without a driver, then search for a car and compare the price using our car searching tool below offered by our partner. Type in your pickup location, choose your travel date and time and click the blue search button. A new page will load up with a wide range of rental car options available in St Petersburg, or in any other city, you have inserted.


things to know

If you choose to rent a car with a driver with us you should know the following:

  • Booking well in advance is recommended as arranging something at the last minute might be difficult because our drivers are very busy, especially during high season (June - August).
  • The minimum rental service time is 4 hours, but depending on your destination you may need more than 4 hours. For airport and train private transfers we have different prices, please see here!
  • The price vary based on the size of the group, your destination, and/or the length of your trip. 
  • A deposit in advance via PayPal or Wire Transfer might be required to secure the booking, depending on the final cost of your trip. Then, upon your arrival, you pay the balance due directly to the driver in cash, and in Rubles only.
  • Credits cards are currently not accepted.
  • All the payment transactions fee are on you. For instance, if you pay via PayPal there is a 5% transaction fee to take into account, which will be added to the total cost of the service.
  • To help you organize your private transfer we ask for a 10% commission based on the final cost of your tour. We call this our service fee!
  • There is no need to tip the driver unless you want. But in the event you are so kind to do so, giving a 5% of the service fare would be fine.
  • Our drivers speak only Russian. But don't be afraid of that because all our drivers will be in contact with us for the whole time of your trip. So, if any problem arises you will be able to speak in English with us at any time.
  • You can cancel or amend your St Petersburg car rental order up to 36 hours before the agreed time of your transfer. However, the sooner you warn us, the better is.
  • A partial refund is available in case of a genuine cancellation only. This is because once you have confirmed your transfer booking we have hired a driver who naturally requires payment.
  • When you use our car searching tool above you will be redirected to our partner page. From there on you won't be dealing with us any longer but with our partner, which is the world's biggest online car rental service.
  • Additional costs apply if you want us to collect you at the port terminal: entrance port and parking fees need to be added on the cost of your St Petersburg car rental or private transfer.
  • I would like to inform you that as a cruise passenger in order to go ashore you must have a tour voucher unless you hold a Russian visa, and/or you hold a special citizenship, or your travel to St Petersburg with St Peter Line Ferry.


Booking our St Petersburg car rental service is easy and straightforward.

  • Fill out the yellow booking form below in all its parts and press the "Book Now" button at the bottom to send your request to us. The more you tell about your trip, the better it is.
  • Soon after clicking on the "Book Now" button you'll be directed to our Thank You Page and receive an automated email.
  • Shortly, you'll get a new confirmation e-mail with the details of your St Petersburg car rental booking, which you must read and accept by replying in order to confirm the booking.
  • Please make sure you reserve your St Petersburg car rental before your arrival and well in advance.


Ready to book? If so, fill out the form below accurately and click on the "Book Now" button to proceed with your reservation.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the letters that you see below.


Written by Davide C.


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