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Discover superb St Petersburg entertainment with our local recommendations and enjoy a great play, ballet, opera or circus performance any and every evening you choose. 

The cultural capital of Russia offers a diverse range of entertainment to suit almost anyone.

From classical Russian ballet to traditional Russian folk shows and music concerts or other performances, including sporting events, cabaret shows, and movies, or even evening canal boat tours you have plenty of options to choose from during your visit to the city of Peter the Great.

St Petersburg entertainment scene rocks as much as its nightlife. We do not doubt that after spending a day walking through the finest museums, and parks and gardens, or other historical spots you will find something interesting and exciting to do any evening of the week and all year round.

From world-famous Russian shows such as the "Swan Lake" to lesser-known off-Russian productions such as the "Feel Yourself Russians", all you have to do is to come, choose, and have fun.

where to go for the best ST PETERSBURG ENTERTAINMENT

If during your visit to the city of Saint Petersburg you're up for watching a play, ballet, opera, or circus performance, then you are in the right place. Below you can find a cool list of entertainment venues to visit for a fun evening in our beautiful imperial city. Click on your category of interest below, and learn more.


From classic to contemporary art find out where to see the best art exhibitions in St Petersburg's major art galleries and museums. Enjoy a cultural evening's entertainment of outstanding solo shows and group exhibitions offered by young and renowned artists from all over Russia.

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Enjoy an exciting showcase of traditional Russian folk dance and music set in an amazing neoclassical and baroque style building. Watch the famous Cossack group "Maidan", the dance group "Stars of St. Petersburg", or the folk trio "The Souvenir", and "Feel yourself Russian".

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Your visit to Saint Petersburg is not complete without a stop at one of the city's beautiful opera and ballet theaters. Plan an evening going to the world-famous Mariinsky Ballet Company or to the Mikhailovsky Theatre, and enjoy an unforgettable musical experience combined with an impressive mix of historic architecture and upscale ambiance.



From local musical groups to world-acclaimed symphony orchestras, multiple concerts take place every night in the imperial city. If you want to listen to Russian classical music and feel the ambiance of 19th-century noble salons, or you just want to enjoy rock, jazz, and pop music, here is a list of unmissable St Petersburg entertainment venues to go to.

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Fancy watching soccer in Saint Petersburg? Here's a list of the most important stadiums in the city of Peter the Great as well as other sports complexes where anyone can go and enjoy a full live match of football, swimming, tennis, or even hockey in Russian style.



Nothing beats the experience of seeing a classical or modern Russian movie on the wide- screen, eating popcorn, while seated inside a historical theater converted into a cinema. If during your visit to the imperial city you feel like relaxing and watching a movie surrounded by an old fashioned setting, then find out where to go here.


buying concert tickets

Regardless of what type of entertainment you choose to see during your stay, you will need to purchase tickets for most events. For your information, tickets can be bought at ticket offices and kiosks (In Russian language they call it Teatralnaya Kassa), of which you can find many in the central part of the city, which is the famous Nevsky Prospekt.

Tickets' offices and Kiosks are usually very easy to spot as they tend to be plastered in posters for concerts and shows. Of course, each venue also sells its tickets and some venues such as the popular Mariinsky Theatre or Alexandrinsky Theatre sell tickets online.

You can also find several online services that allow you to reserve and/or buy tickets online and most of them offer delivery anywhere in the city for an additional fee. Among them, we feel like to recommend (the only comprehensive website that offers their events listing in English), and (The site has the most comprehensive listings of entertainment in Saint Petersburg, but is only in Russian language).

In the event you don't want to deal with third parties agencies, then we recommend buying tickets directly from the theater's website, if possible, or you can contact us, and for an additional fee, we can provide you almost any tickets you want for St Petersburg entertainment except for visiting St Petersburg attractions, in that case, we provide admission tickets to royal palaces or Russian museums only when booking a full private guided tour.


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