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Route to Catherine Palace

How long is the travelling time for K342 / K545 from Moskovskaya Metro Station to Catherine Palace, stop at the Palace? Do I take a same number to back

Continue reading "Route to Catherine Palace"

Peterhof | The Russian Versailles

Peterhof is one of Russia's number one tourist attractions! A unique place reffered to as the "Russian Versailles" where eye catching architecture, cooling open green space and a blend of history awaits you. Find out more!

Continue reading "Peterhof | The Russian Versailles"

Gatchina | St Petersburg Russia

A austere look of a military institution along with its secret underground passage, and the stunning Palace and large Park complex is what make Gatchina a great place to visit. Find out more!

Continue reading "Gatchina | St Petersburg Russia"

Info Lakhta Center in St Petersburg Russia

Hello Davide and Anastasia: Is Lakhta Center open to the public? All I could find out is that it was completed in 2018, but there was no information

Continue reading "Info Lakhta Center in St Petersburg Russia"

Tsarskoye Selo | St Petersburg Russia

Tsarskoye Selo, the summer residence of the Romanov dynasties in Russia, is one of St. Petersburg's must-see attractions. A fun and outstanding place to spend a full day. Find out more!

Continue reading "Tsarskoye Selo | St Petersburg Russia"


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