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Cycling in St. Petersburg Russia

by aditya
(Bangalore, India)


I would like to know if we can rent a bicycle in st. petersburg. if so , can u name few centers u recommend. Are there any hiking places near st.petersburg.


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Mar 16, 2017
See below link about go cycling in St. Petersburg
by: Davide

Time ago I wrote a page about how to bike in St. Petersburg Russia See Here

Mar 16, 2017
Cycling in St. Petersburg Russia
by: Davide

Hello Aditya,

Thank you for posting on our site.

There are a few hostels in the city center where you can rent out a bike for a few hours. Since 2014 there is also an automated rental bike system with 28 rental stations available for use in the city center with more than 200 bikes in total, and more stations are to be built, according to data from the city’s Committee on Transport Infrastructure Development.

However, keep in mind that the best time to go cycling in the city is morning time, and late evening, better during weekend, specifically on Sunday.

From my experience cycling in the city center is not a good idea because there are not bike lines yet, and though the streets are quite large there are too many cars and many people at the same time, especially during summer, so you may find it very difficult and dangerous to go biking in the city center. If you really want to do that then hire a tour bike expert, so you know where and how to go.

Time ago I wrote a page about how to bike in St. Petersburg Russia < href="https://www.st-petersburg-essentialguide.com/st-petersburg-by-bike.html"> See Here

My advice to you is to go for a bike ride on your own in Peterhof park, Pushkin park, or Pavlovsk park, or in some of the park in the city.

In the city center it is better to walk than biking, although it is doable. My two cents!

Hope it helps.

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