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Tourist Travel Visa for Cruise Passenger to St. Petersburg Russia!

by Mike
(Las Vegas)

My wife & I are arriving in St.Petersburg in early June/19 on an Oceania cruise ship. Russia is the only stop on the cruise which requires a tourist visa. Oceania says we don't need a visa if we buy their shore excursions and stay with the group when we leave the ship. That doesn't meet our needs.

My wife & I like to explore on our own and use public transportation whenever possible. It gives us our privacy, time to explore what we want to se, and costs a great deal less.

We will be in St. Petersburg for 3 days. What type of visa should we apply for that will allow us to leave the ship on numerous occassions to explore privately, and will be valid for the duration of our stay? Also, how much will visa cost, and can this website help us obtain the visas needed? Is there a cost for that service, and what is it?

Also see some reference to "invitation letters" to be supplied w/visa applications. What is that and how do we get it?

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Feb 12, 2019

by: Davide

Please to get more information on the costs and hiring a local tour guide send us a message HERE!


Feb 12, 2019

by: Davide

Dear Mike,

Thank you for posting on our website.

From what I read I see that you would like to tour the city on your own, but unfortunately as a cruise passenger you cannot do that unless you apply for a Russian Tourist Visa.

For your information, by Russian law any cruise passenger who travels to St Petersburg Russia on a ship, is allowed to go ashore alone only if he/she is accompanied by a local tour guide and have a predefined tour itinerary.

However, I do understand that you dislike taking the expensive tour offered by your ship, as well as I guess you also want to avoid joining a large group of people. Well...

...the only option to escape a standard open tour offered by the cruise ship, and gain more flexibility and freedom is by hiring a local private tour guide, which will take care of your visa tour vouchers and everything else to fit your time, budget, and interests.

This way you can tour more freely and independently because you can choose what to see and do with the guide, which I remind you she must stay with you for the whole time you are out of the ship.

Please fore more information about how the visa free travel works for Russia
Send us a Message Here We can help you planning your short visit to St Petersburg as we did for many other cruise passengers. Just get in touch!

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