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Leaving St. Petersburg VISA free on St. Peter Line

by Jim

I would like to confirm the definition of coming and leaving St. Petersburg on the St. Peter line. If one leaves on a Friday from Helsinki on the Princess Anastasia and arrives the next Saturday morning in St. Petersburg, can they leave St. Petersburg on the Princess Anastasia on Monday evening for Tallin? The St. Peter Line web site only states the "As per Russian Legislation for 72 hours rule, you have to leave Russia only by the ferry (sea transport)".

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Jun 03, 2018
Info Travel with St Peter Line Ferry
by: Davide

Hello Jim,

Thank you for posting on our site.

In regard to your query, in order to comply with the visa free rule, you must buy a round trip ticket with the same ferry company. However, I guess as long as you travel with St Peter Line you can board for Tallinn.I suggest that you check with the ferry company to be sure before you put your foot in the Russian soil.

Also, let me remind you that as long as you are going in on the ferry and out on the ferry, aren't staying for more than 72 hours and have purchased the Shuttle Bus ticket offered by the ship, then you can go ashore.

Please remember that in order to travel with St. Peter line ferry and pass the immigration/passport control you need the following documents:

1. valid passport at least six months’validity remaining whenever you travel abroad.

2. Tickets for a ferry bus shuttle.

3. Hotel voucher which confirms your reservation at the hotel.

4. Your country must be part of the Schengen are, so that you don't need a Schengen Visa to enter Europe.

That’s all.

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