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Cost of One Day Tour!

by Annamaria
(New Jersey)

Can you please tell me the cost of your one day tour of St Petersburg?

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May 18, 2015
Port Entrance Fees
by: Davide

Dear Valery,

Thank you for leaving your post here!

This is Davide's writing you!

Concerning your question, you won't need to pay any port entrance fee. You only pay the port entrance fee when you ask a third party to organize for you a private shore tour package, which must include tour vouchers, pick up/drop off service, service guide, and port fees.

In your case, if you got your visa, you can just take the bus or taxi at the port terminal and pay in cash the amount due. Nothing more!

Hope it helps!

May 15, 2015
No Port Entrance Fee For Visitors Holding a Russian Tourist Visa
by: Davide

Hi Valerie,

Thank you for posting your comment!

If you got a Russian Tourist Visa, then you do not need to pay for the tour vouchers (also known as blanket visa), but Yes you do need to pay for the entrance port fees only, and if you ask someone to come to pick you up at the port terminal. Otherwise not! Port fees are for vehicles only who are not officially permitted to enter the port area, as far as I know.

As you have already a visa with you, I would just take the bus upon your arrival at the port, or take some official taxis standing there, though I would still go for the bus. Many of the cruise passengers won't take the bus as they can't (they don't hold a visa), so you will travel comfortably to the city center.

If you need a tour for when you come, please contact me at We can help you organize one, a memorable one!☺

Hope it helps!

May 13, 2015
Port Entrance Fee
by: Valerie

I will have my own tourist visa even though I will be on a RC cruise. Will I need to pay a port entrance fee and if so, is that daily or for the entire 3 day visit.

Apr 10, 2015
Touring with us how much does it cost?
by: Davide

Hello Annamaria,

This is David's writing from St Petersburg Essential Guide.

Provide you with an exact cost of the tour is very difficult because every tour is different and may change according to how many hours you would like to tour, how you want to get around the city (by walk, car, bike, boat, etc.), and how you come to the city (by plane or cruise).

Usually when booking any tour you should consider the following services or things:

•Tour Guide Service (minimum 3 hours / 25€ per hour);

•Pick up/Drop off Service or Rental minivan with driver (minimum 3 hours / Price vary according to how many people are on board);

•Entrance Tickets to museums/palaces, Fuel, Parking cost;

•Tips to the guide, meals, any extra;

If you are a cruise passenger and you want to tour independently, then to the above services/things you have to add the cost for the Visa Tour Voucher (20€ per person) and the Entrance port fees (450 Rubles, one entrance only) - prices for 2015.

Please if you are interested to have more detailed information, send us an email to

Thank you for posting your question on our website.

See you in St Petersburg, if, and when, you will come!


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