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Cycling on the highways

by Joe R.

Recently saw a video of a cyclist being sideswipped by a large truck.
Is it legal to ride on the highways in St.Petersburg?


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Oct 17, 2017
Riding a Bike in Russia
by: Davide

Dear Joe,

Thank you for posting on our website.

Your comment on a cyclist being sideswipped by a large truck does not surprise me that much as in Russia things like that happens on daily basis so unfortunately I had to get used to hear such a news.

And, as you already did, you can see many videos about Russian drivers knocking down pedestrians on the street, especially in big Russian cities. This is a a very big issue in Russia and it won't stop soon.

Yes, riding a bike on the highways is not legal and not safe at all. It is legal to ride only your motorbike if the vehicle is up to 125cc or more, anything less than that is not legal.

If you're planning to drive in Russia regardless of what means of transport you choose you should remind yourself to be very careful about the drivers and the roads as well as you should have all the documents necessary to drive in Russia as the police would not hesitate a minute to questioning you if you breach the law.

If it may help you a little, time ago I wrote an article about how to drive in Russia, Find Out More Here
My best,

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