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4 Nights Baltic Cruise from Saint Petersbeg on Saint Petersline

by Rajan
(Delhi, India)


We are group of four people planning travelling to Russia Saint Petersburg from Delhi. We are reaching Saint Petersburg on 14th June and returning on 26th of June.

We are interested in booking Saint petersline cruise from Saint Petersburg for 4 Nights to Helsinki-Stockholm-Tallin departing on

16th June from Saint Petersburg Helsinki-Stockholm-Tallin 20th June Saint Petersburg.

Russian embasy in India issue only SINGLE ENTRY TOURIST VISA for tourists but we want to travel in your cruise. But they can give double entry VISA if the need is justified as is the case if i book the case.

For this we need DOUBLE ENTRY RUSSIAN TOURIST VISA INVITATION from your company. Can Saint petersline company provide that.

One more thing we are Stric Vageterians, Can we bring food from outside to the cruise ship because we don't want to book the meal packages.

i want to get confirmation from you on this matter before i book the cruise, please help me i don't want to miss the cruise.

Please contact me at TR4819@gmail.com


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Mar 11, 2015
Russian Tourist Visa Double Entry | Cruise Ship Peter's Line
by: Davide

Hi Rajan,

This is Davide's writing from St Petersburg Essential Guide.

Sorry if it toke me so long to reply to your questions, but before to give you an answer I needed to do my research.

I asked Anastasia to call St Peter's Line to check with them if they could provide any visa support in order for you to receive a double entry.

Well, on the phone they told us that, in order for you to get a double entry you need to bring a copy of your cruise ticket with Peter's line to your local Russian embassy, so where you are dealing with your tourist visa. This would show them that you need a double entry to return to Russia to fly back to India.

Therefore, if this is your trip plan, so fly to St Petersbusrg from India, then take a cruise across the Baltic, and return to St Petersburg to fly back home, then you need to buy this cruise tickets in advance.

Regarding the food, they said that it is no allowed to bring your own food, but on board you may find some vegetarian food on the menu.

From our side we can't help with this, this is something you gotta resolve by yourself with your local Russian embassy. Get in touch as well with Peter's Line Company.

However, as you are coming to St Petersburg, what we can do is to arrange for you an airport transfer from the airport to your hotel. ☺

Book in advance here

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