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St Petersburg Restaurants Russia
Taste a Wide Selection of Cuisines, Eat Well and Enjoy Different Atmospheres.

Hungry? Discover the best St Petersburg restaurants with our extensive online list dining guide, and eat and drink like a Russian Tsar, or much better as you prefer.

No matter what you like to eat or what you want to spend, with over 4000 innovative and acclaimed restaurants to choose from in St Petersburg, Russia, you'll definitely find something to tickle your taste buds. 

The city offers many different cuisines from around the world, as well as traditional Russian food, of course. With such diversity and abundance we never run out of options when planning to dine out in the beautiful Northern Capital of Russia. And, if you come... You won't either!

Whether you’re a vegetarian, fond of a good steak or simply craving a curry, pizza, pasta or sushi, you will be able to satisfy your need in the imperial city.

If you are looking for luxury restaurants, somewhere to eat in a quirky historic setting with a good view of the city or a romantic atmosphere, you will find it.

When you are tired of borscht and beef stroganoff, you can switch from traditional Russian cuisine to a variety of delicious authentic European, Asian and Caucasian cuisine; most often served in restaurants offering great food, service and atmosphere.

If you are in hurry or on a tight budget, don't worry!

The city of Peter the Great also offers a wide selection of amazing cheap eats cafes or fast food retailers, such as McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, as well as several Russian fast food chains like the famous Teremok and Pirogoviy Dvorik, which are all good alternatives to expensive restaurants.

So believe it or not, Russia is no longer the land of shortages and sausage queues as it was known in the Soviet times. In the last twenty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union the country's culinary culture has rapidly changed. Due to this shift, the evolving dining scene of St Petersburg and other Russian cities has improved a lot and now is continuing to grow.

Want to know more? Looking for a restaurant or cafe in St Petersburg? If so read on...



A trip to St Petersburg Russia means not only experiencing its stunning treasure of art, and cultural and historical sights, but also its incredible variety of food and drinks.

That's true! St Petersburg in our opinion deserves to be known also for its incredible variety of restaurants. From cafeteria-style to local or international restaurants, as well as first class fine dining restaurants, here you've plenty of choices when it come to eat and drink.

As two locals living in St Petersburg, we usually love to eat out and experience different cuisines. Being myself Italian (Davide), my favorite food is of course Italian, but I have to admit that after trying several other cuisines available in the city, now I don' t mind to change.

My taste buds are open for new menus as well!

We have been almost in every of the St Petersburg restaurants listed on this section. And, more or less we had always a good experience in terms of food, price, and service. Of course we are just two regular people, so we don't have high expectations when going out for dinner or lunch.

For us the most important thing is that a restaurant or cafe is clean, cosy and serving good food. Moreover, it needs to have a decent service with reasonable prices, unless we look for a top class restaurant.

Among all the restaurants we've visited so far, our favorite ones, so those we would like to recommend, are the following:  Russian Vodka Room n.1, Mamalyga, Stroganoff Steakhouse, Ukrop, Limoncello, and Masha and Bear.



We all know that a bad restaurant experience can ruin your Russian holiday. As such, choosing from the multitude of diverse restaurants in St Petersburg can make you dizzy.

To make picking where to eat in St Petersburg easier, we've put together a list of restaurants by different categories and based on our personal dining experience in St Petersburg as well as the experiences of friends, relatives and other reliable resources (restaurant reviews, gastronomy magazines etc.).

Whether you're looking for the best St Petersburg restaurants or the best steakhouses. . . Downtown St Petersburg restaurants or Italian restaurants. . . Splurge or inexpensive restaurants or other categories, use the drop down menu below as your starting point.

Just choose a category restaurant and click on GO!  

Search by Category:


Nowadays, eating out in the cosmopolitan city of St Petersburg is not as expensive as Moscow or the Scandinavian countries, but it isn't cheaper either. So when you go out for dinner in restaurants expect average European prices.

For example, a meal in a fast-food like McDonalds or Teremok will cost you approximately €5-€9/$6-$12, to dine in a mid-range place you will need at least €18/$24 per person. And, if you fancy luxurious restaurants, then the prices can be hard on the wallet, particularly for families.

St Petersburg Restaurants Price Categories

Below we have listed a rough price category to help to give you an idea of the cost of dining per person (without alcohol).

●   Luxury/$$$$$= US$55/ €41/1800 rubles and over;

●   Very expensive/$$$$= US$37-$55/€30-€41/1200-1800 rubles;

●   Expensive/$$$= US$24/$37/€18-€27/800-1200 rubles;

●   Moderate/$$= US$12 - $24/€9-€18/400-800 rubles;

●   Cheap/$= up to US$12/€9/400 rubles;

Please take these figures as an approximation.

Usually, Russian, Asian and Caucasian restaurants in St Petersburg are cheaper than European. But if you want to eat like a Tsar tasting traditional Russian dishes served in famous Russian restaurants, then expect to pay for the name and quality. The same can be said for wine which is imported and so very expensive!

The best way to spend less would be to grab street food, or much better, eat at some of the humble cafe restaurants or simple Russian cafes that serve down-to-earth, traditional local food, like pancakes and soups.

Honestly, expensive isn't always better. Many restaurants in St Petersburg offer a delicious meal for a decent price. And, with so many dining places at your disposal serving different cuisine for different budgets, eating in Saint Petersburg, Russia is not a problem anymore, rather a real pleasure.



Many of the restaurants in St Petersburg that we have visited so far are tourist friendly, have very good quality to price ratio, and serve around the clock or until midnight. But when it's time to pay remember to check your bill to see if they already have included service and ask for all of your change back if you pay in cash. 


Because some St Petersburg restaurants like to round up the price with a 10% service fee. Others restaurants may just forget to bring you back your change, or much worse, they might not have any change if you pay them with big notes (this occurs mainly in small restaurants, bars and supermarkets).

Therefore, make sure to give them a tip only if is not included in the bill, and of course if you have enjoyed their service. Also, remember to pay with small notes, or much better, by credit card if you don't want to wait half an hour for someone to bring your change back.

Generally 10% is considered fair. If not, you can tip whatever you have in mind!

When you want to pay for your meal, just signal to the waiter and simply ask "Pozhaluista, mozhno schiot", which means "Can I have the bill please?" and when he returns just say "Spasibo", which means "Thank you".


Eating out in St Petersburg as in the whole of Russia over the past ten years has changed for the better, though it can still be either a delightful surprise, or a bad experience. Of course, it all depends on where and what you eat!

Now, each dining place you'll choose will be diverse in terms of food, service, price and atmosphere. This can be seen as the upside of eating in the imperial city, because this way you have a chance to discover new culinary cultures, tastes and flavors. But unfortunately many St Petersburg restaurants have still three main downsides: a lack of cigarette-free areas, slow service and a noisy atmosphere.

So, if you don't like smokers, ask for a table in a no smoking area, if you are lucky to find one. Don' be shy to call for a waiter if nobody comes. And lastly, to be sure of getting a table, make sure to book in advance or eat before ten pm if you want some peace and quiet. Some St Petersburg restaurants morph into bars and clubs in the later hours of the evening.


  • If you intend to pay by credit card, you should confirm if your card is accepted beforehand. American Express cards are not widely accepted. Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card and Maestro are popular.
  • For some affordable priced meals, you should try a place in one of the surprising clutches of elegant St Petersburg restaurants on the up-and-coming Vasilevsky Island.
  • Menus in English are available only in the city center area.

  • Remember to check your bill to see if they already included service.
  • Make sure to book a table in advance if you plan to go out for dinner during the weekend.
  • It is a common procedure in Russia, but not in all restaurants, to take your coat or jacket before you enter the eating room. So if this happens to you, make sure you keep with you your mobile phone, passport and/or wallet. I am saying this because once I was robbed inside a restaurant. Sure it won't happen to you, but keep your precautions in any place you go, whether it is cafe, bar, or restaurant! Pickpockets in St Petersburg are everywhere, and tourists are usually their main target.
  • If you need help with booking a restaurant, send us an email and we will book a table for you.

Written by Davide C.


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