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Russian People in St Petersburg
A Mixture of Pride, Patriotism & Love for Their City

Russian people in St Petersburg can be considered patriotic. They love their city and they are very proud of it. But there is more! Petersburg residents are also known for being more friendly, intelligent and creative than the majority of Russian people in Moscow.

Nobody knows if this is just an assumption or if it is really true, but it goes without saying that most of the city’s inhabitants (Peterburgers) are well raised, educated and a little less reserved than their compatriots in the capital of Russia.

Born in the former capital of the Russian Empire, all Petersburgers know that they come from a Russian city of immense history that lies on the fascinating fringe of Europe. Hence, they love exploring the culture treasures of their city.

In fact, since childhood, locals are used to visiting royal palaces, monuments, museums, exhibitions, and theatres. Parents and grandparents (especially babushkas) are always happy to show their children the beauty of their North Venice.

And from time to time, school teachers organize excursions to different interesting places for their classes, such as Pavlovsk, Peterhof, Tsarskoye Selo or Kronstadt. All important historical sights. That’s how children and teenagers absorb the cultural knowledge of the city and grow up as creative people with an appreciation for beauty.

People in St Petersburg are also curious: since the end of the Soviet Union, they enjoy travelling abroad. Like most of the Russians, they also love visiting exhibitions and reading. Reading is extremely popular here, as it was in the past. Books are cheap, and one can afford to buy 5-10 books a month without serious damage to the family budget.

In addition, they are also very fond of live performances at theatres and cinema. Since tickets are affordable, locals enjoy watching Russian drama, Russian ballet, Russian opera, musicals and other types of shows, including movies.

But Russian people are not only interested in cultural or artistic activities, they also love to hang out!

Due to the unpredictable weather in St Petersburg, the mood of Russian people and their lifestyle really depends on the weather.

For example, during Winter people mostly warm themselves at home, watching at the dancing snowflakes outside the windows. They also go skiing and ice-skating in or outside St. Petersburg.

By comparison, in the Summer people enjoy a lot of open-air events and activities, such as roller skating, cycling and picnics in the parks. They head off to the small beach at the Peter and Paul Fortress or, much better, to the famous old Dacha or to the nearby Gulf of Finland.

Dacha season starts with the May holidays and finishes in late September. Here, people have a good time growing vegetables, fruits and flowers. They also love cooking Shashlik and drinking vodka, taking a bath in the nearest lake, or going for a walk in the forest to gather berries and mushrooms. 

No weekend evening can finish without taking a Russian steam bath in a private Russian sauna (Banya) which almost everyone has at their Dachas, including us.

Speaking of Russian people in St. Petersburg, it’s hard not to mark out the city's amazing Russian women. With their natural beauty, style and charm along with excellent make-up and manicures, they know very well how to draw attention.

However, most Russian men remain reserved and cold as they have got used to gorgeous women constantly surrounding them. But for foreigners, who are not used to such dazzling beauty and elegance, it is a bit different. It is usual for foreigners to fall in love with Russian women, and some go really crazy and marry them.

In conclusion, like the rest of the country, Russian people are known for being as rough as the country itself. They usually do not hesitate to say what they think and speak in a way that doesn't leave room for any misunderstandings.

Hence, keep in mind that Russians are very straightforward. When they meet or phone each other, they do not spend time on questions like “How are you?”. Rather, they go straight to the point. Of course, they are not rude – it's just their way of doing things.

That said, despite hard times and suffering which all inhabitants of St. Petersburg had to face during last century, they generally remain patient, optimistic and cordial people. And, if you become friend or partner with one, there is a high degree of chance that he/her can be a loyal friend or partner for life.

Written by Davide C.


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