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Our range of St Petersburg bike tours provides you with a fun way to see the city and get some exercise. Learn how!

Discovering St Petersburg by bike is not only fun, but it's also a great way to get up close and personal with the city of Peter the Great and some of its Top Attractions! Now let's be honest - cycling around Saint Petersburg in Russia is not that easy as many advertised bike tours want you to believe.

Our beautiful Russian city is as flat as a pancake so going on a bike tour won't be tiring, but the real problem everyone faces is that there are no bicycle lanes and roads are bumpy - plus the city center is crowded with people and cars almost every day of the week. Hence, if you don't know how and where to go, it can be dangerous.

With that in mind, if you are a bike lover and you would like to discover Saint Petersburg on a bike tour then remember that summer is the best time to do that, and, early morning, evenings, and weekends are the best times to go cycling. Lastly, hiring a local bike guide is highly recommended because a local will not only guide you safely around the city but will also show you things you'd miss cycling on your own.

top ST PETERSBURG BIKE TOURS you can book now

If you're thinking of touring Saint Petersburg on two wheels, then before you come, take a look at our range of St Petersburg Bike Tours below and give your feet a break - most importantly, tour safely. To get started just click on the links below and feel free to contact us if you have questions about our St Petersburg bike tours.

city center byke tour

"Experience St. Petersburg's exceptional architecture and famous landmarks by the seat of your bike".

There is no doubt that taking a bike tour in St. Petersburg, if well planned, can be an exciting experience that takes you through the city center, down side streets, around old squares, across bridges, and to the most famous landmarks. If you're visiting Saint Petersburg and want to combine your city sightseeing with a bike tour then don't hesitate and book this tour today. Explore the imperial city in a safe and informative way together with one of our best professional bike tour guides who know our charming city inside and out.

Itinerary: After meeting with our guide at the bike shop, you will be ready to go cycling around the main avenue Nevsky Prospekt and its side streets. From the Palace Square and the Church on the Spilled Blood to panoramic views along the large Neva River and charming old residential areas, you will cover some of the main key sights and get a glimpse of local Russian life. You and our guide will also stop along the way at different locations depending on your points of interest if you tell us in advance what are the special interests you have (art, architecture, history, culture).

Our stops may include:

  • St Isaac’s square and Cathedral (without entering);
  • Senate square and Bronze Horseman;
  • New Holland;
  • Riverfront views from Vasilievsky Island and the Pit of Vasilievsky Island;
  • Historical quarters around Vasilievsky Island;
  • Palace Square and the Winter Palace (without entering), the Atlantes of New Hermitage;
  • Admiralty;
  • Peter-and-Paul Fortress;
  • Trinity Bridge and the views from it;
  • Field of Mars;
  • The area around Savior on the Spilled Blood;

Options: You can choose between the following three guided bike tours: Weekly Bike tour, Weekend Bike tour or White Night Bike Tour.

Ideal for: Our St Petersburg bike tours are perfect for solo travelers, couples, friends, small groups or anyone who want to combine city sightseeing with a bike and a local guide.


Meeting Point: Rental Bike Shop (Details given during the booking)

Returning Point: Back to the Rental Bike Shop

Departure Time: To be agreed

Duration: 3 hours

Group Size: (1-4 People); (1-8 People); Min 2 people; Max 8 people.

Language Available: English; Russian

When: From May till November


  • Professional Guide (Local cyclist expert);
  • Bike Rentals;
  • Helmets.

Exclusions: Tips to the guide and any extras.

Price: Ask

Reservation Request: From 7 to 60 days in advance


Send a Tour Request Today!

BIKE TOUR in the northern part of the city

"Ride through beautiful and wild nature of the parks on the Northern part of the city with two locals".

Taking a tour with us is fun, safe, and different when compared to all other St Petersburg bike tours you may find online. With us, I and Anastasia (Two locals living here and the founders of the website you are browsing right now), you can get the chance to experience the Northern part of the city and merge yourself into the daily life of locals and at the same time see its natural parks. You'll enjoy an informal atmosphere and feel like you are cycling with friends while discovering places that are very off the tourist radar.

Itinerary: On this private tour, you'll be cycling with two locals on the outskirts of St. Petersburg on the Vyborg side. You'll spend a few hours cycling in one of our favorite parks, seeing beautiful nature, squirrels running in green grass and flowers, small lakes and ponds, war monuments and elderly Russian people dancing and singing old Soviet songs. Prior to your arrival will provide you with your itinerary and all the info related to your tour.

Sights covered on the tour: Vyborg Side; Sosnovka Park; or Udelniy Park; Local cafe (We usually stop at a local cafe at the end of the tour for coffee and cakes).

Ideal for: Our St Petersburg bike tours are perfect for solo travelers, couples, friends, families with kids, small groups and anyone who wants to experience the city like a local and see a different side of the city.

Note: We usually arrange a pick-up and drop-off transport service from your hotel to the meeting point. Otherwise, you are free to get to the meeting point by yourself.


Meeting Point: Your Hotel or Ploshad' Muzhestva Metro Station

Returning Point: Back to your Hotel or to Ploshad' Muzhestva Metro Station

Departure Time: To be agreed

Duration:  3 hours

Group Size: (1-4 People); (1-8 People); Max 12 people.

Language Available: English, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian.

When: From May till  October


  • Rental Bikes (We will rent them at the shop located at the Park);
  • Bike Excursion with us.

Exclusions: Food and Drinks; Hotel Pickup Service; Helmets and/or any extras; Tips.

Price: Ask

Reservation Request: From 7 to 60 days in advance


Send a Tour Request Today!



"Touring St Petersburg by bike on your own is also fun, but you need to take some precautions as Russian drivers are crazy and the streets or sidewalks are not like those you see all over Europe".

To start your individual bike tour of St. Petersburg you'll need to rent a bike unless you're bringing one with you. Then, you'll need to get a map of the city and a helmet. Wearing a helmet is not compulsory but recommended unless you tour with a professional guide or you cycle in the park. After that, you are all set to go and are ready to explore our large streets, old squares, gardens and parks and of course and the city's monuments.

Itinerary: You decide! In this case as you decide to go biking on your own you will choose by yourself where to go, what to see and how long to take. Just follow our recommendations on this page and you should be fine. If in the event you still have some questions feel free to contact us!

Where to rent a bike: Hostels and Hotels located in downtown, precisely on Nevsky Prospekt.

When to ride a bike: From May until October.

Where to ride a bike: We suggest that you go cycling in the central part of the city, so in and around Nevsky Prospekt, along the Neva River or Fontanka River and across some of the parks in the center. When riding a bike make sure you stay on the sidewalks and avoid large roads and pedestrians.

Price for Renting a bike: The price may vary on the bike model you rent, and for how long you use the bike. The starting price usually is around 400Rubles per hour. Each additional hour is 50Rubles or 100Rubles.

Options: You can rent a bike for one hour, two, or three hours, or for the whole day at almost any time.

Ideal for: Solo travelers, couples, friends, adventurous people.


If you want, we can help you to rent a bike for yourself and advise you on what route to take. Just Book a Skype Consultation with us to get all your answers done.


You should know that every rental bike shop has different prices and rental policies, but all of them have in common some basic rules. So when you rent a bicycle remember the following...

  • A deposit and your passport is requested;
  • You're in charge of the bike, so are responsible for any damage or theft;
  • Usually, you'll be given a lock and helmet;
  • If you return the bicycle in a dirty state, a further 500-600Rubles will be deducted from your deposit to cover cleaning costs.
  • In the event of an injury or death the rental bike shop bears no responsibility;


In the event you choose to ride a bike on your own or get to know the city with one of our St Petersburg Bike Tours please keep always in mind our tips below.

Our Tips and Recommendations
  • The number one rule you need to remember for biking in St. Petersburg is Be Careful;
  • There are no bike lanes in St. Petersburg and the street surfaces are not very good;
  • Expect car doors to open unexpectedly just as you're passing by;
  • Don't think to find bike racks in St. Petersburg, if you do, you've just been lucky;
  • If you're riding a bike and find yourself in a situation where you need to know whether a car, bike, pedestrian, or anything else has the right of way, don't bother wondering what the Russian law is, as no one else is likely to know it. Just assume that you don't have right of way, and get out of the way;
  • From a safety perspective getting a helmet is always a good idea. However, in the event you cannot find one, just go anyway but stay alert when out on the streets.
  • The best time to book any of our St Petersburg Bike Tours or go cycling alone is during the summertime and in the weekend;
  • Where you rent your bike depends on how long you'll want to use it. For just an hour or two, your cheapest option will be an automated bike-sharing system. In fact, if you use it for half an hour or less, you won't pay anything beyond the casual sign-up fee. However, keep in mind that the bikes provided are not so good!
  • If you're planning to ride for more than a couple of hours, you'll probably save money by getting your bicycle at a bike rental shop.


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